Procedures for safe consultations at our practice during and right after lockdown period.

  1. Make an appointment via our office cellphone number – 078 049 2677 and 021 832 5529, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. We will provide you with a confirmation letter via email, to present to authorities if needed when attending our appointment.
  3. We respectfully ask all clients to please wait in their cars before the appointment, as the waiting room will be closed for safety reasons. Your psychologist will send you a WhatsApp- or text message to confirm that you can enter the practice for your appointment.

Extra health- and safety considerations.

  1. Each psychologist will be using two offices for consultations, alternating between clients. This process will ensure that one office will be constantly cleaned and aired thoroughly while a consultation is taking place in a different office.
  2. Hand sanitiser will be used at all times and will be available for clients to make use of

Given the nationwide health risk, we ask clients to please:

  1. Be on time for an appointment
  2. Bring their own water/coffee/tea
  3. Where a mask/cloth (or mouth cover) while being physically inside the practice
  4. Wash their hands regularly, or make use of the hand sanitiser provided

Please remember that online therapy will be available at all times.

Stay safe!