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Johannes Schickerling

Johannes Schickerling is a clinical psychologist involved in psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults. He specializes in the assessment and treatment of conditions related to neurodiversity (autism spectrum). Johannes is accredited with the National Autistic Society (UK) for the application of the Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders (DISCO). Furthermore, Johannes has extensive and international experience in the treatment of addiction. Johannes obtained a master’s degree in clinical psychology at the North-West University, during which he obtained further experience in the full spectrum of mental disorders at Tygerberg Hospital and Stikland Hospital. Since 2009, Johannes’ private practice has been focused on psychotherapy with children. He especially utilises play therapy to understand the inner world of the child, and to achieve change in behaviour. Furthermore, Johannes is a qualified (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) trauma therapist with a specific focus on personality disorders, behavioural disorders and mood disorders amongst children and teenagers. Currently, Johannes acts as a director of the SA Centre for Mental Health. Apart from engaging in clinical psychology, he provides psycho-education through the Centre to the general public via several national media platforms.